Seed and service that delivers year after year

Farmers Union Cooperative has represented Croplan and DEKALB/ASGROW seed brands in northeastern Iowa for nearly 20 years. We’re here to provide service and advice for all your seed needs.

We focus on finding hybrids and varieties that will yield best on your acres, while also providing additional characteristics like excellent dry down. 

We look to manage herbicide resistant weeds by proactively staying on top of any problems in the field to address any issues. We utilize seed products with various traits to stay one step ahead of weed, insect and disease pressures.

Our focus is primarily corn, soybeans and alfalfa, but we also offer seed for cover crops and small grains. Whether you need a single bag or multiple tenders, we can meet your requests.

Talk to us about your crop plans, and we’ll be happy to work with you to find a selection of seed products that will perform best on your acres.

Farmers Union Seed Contacts

For more information on any of our seed services, contact Farmers Union’s seed team:

Farmers Union Seed Locations

Fort Atkinson
100 1st St. NE
Fort Atkinson, IA 52144

919 East Main Street
Manchester, IA 52057

New Albin
191 Main Street
New Albin, IA 52160

1913 Co. Rd. B-32
Ossian, IA 52161
Fax: (563) 532-9839

325 Coop Drive
Postville, IA 52162


Our primary seed brands are Croplan and DEKALB/ASGROW. By carrying multiple brands, we can tailor a diversified group of numbers for your farm. By utilizing seed with multiple traits and characteristics, you mitigate risk and maximize your opportunity for better yields.

Help Your Seed Thrive

We offer several seed treatment products to get your soybeans off to a fast, healthy start. We often combine treated seed with starter fertilizers, plant growth regulators and seed lubricants to address several agronomic needs from the planter. In our experience, this combination delivers a solid ROI for our producers.

Featured Products

  • ILEVO Seed Treatment is a product we recommend to protect against SDS and nematodes. Soybean cyst nematode damage increases in hot, dry conditions, while SDS thrives in cool, wet conditions. ILEVO seed treatment keeps your soybean crop protected against the unpredictability of each season. 
  • SEED+GRAPHITE is a nutritional talc + graphite seed lubricant and planter box solution that improves germination, crop emergence, seedling vigor, and plant tolerance to abiotic stressors, leading to higher yields. By providing key nutrients and biostimulants directly to the seed, SEED+GRAPHITE provides agronomics that the typical talc + graphite blend cannot.

Our Equipment is Here for You

We lend out equipment, such as seed tenders and weigh wagons with belt conveyors, to customers who purchase bulk seed. We’ve made these investments for our farmer members, so talk to us about your equipment needs to see if we can help.