Getting you the most from every agronomy dollar

Trust is earned over time, and the agronomy department at Farmers Union Cooperative has a long-standing reputation for serving the needs of farmers with expertise and understanding.

We work closely with our customers to determine their objectives, and we place a high emphasis on return on investment. 

Because many local fields have heavy clay soils and a history of manure applications, we know that not every product will deliver as advertised. That’s why we only recommend products and management practices that we know will perform for your local soils. You can rely on us to do the research for you before you invest in the latest “big thing.”

When you’re looking for exceptional service and a true partner for your agronomy needs, turn to Farmers Union Cooperative.

Farmers Union Agronomy Contacts

For more information on any of our Agronomy services, contact Farmers Union’s agronomy team:

Farmers Union Agronomy Locations

Fort Atkinson
100 1st St. NE
Fort Atkinson, IA 52144

919 East Main Street
Manchester, IA 52057

New Albin
191 Main Street
New Albin, IA 52160

1913 Co. Rd. B-32
Ossian, IA 52161
Fax: (563) 532-9839

325 Coop Drive
Postville, IA 52162

Dialing in Our Recommendations

We utilize precision ag techniques to work with your data and develop variable rate prescriptions and make informed recommendations.

We receive constant training, and our primary agronomist is a Certified Crop Adviser. We also invest in equipment with variable rate capabilities, so we can fine tune applications to the specific needs of each acre of ground.

If you’re interested in adopting precision ag techniques, please talk to us about how we can help.

Genetics for Success

We offer several brands of seed so we can select from a wide range of hybrids and varieties to find those that will perform best for your fields.

Secure Financing Program

Operating loans from traditional ag lenders are based on financial factors, not yield potential. As a result, they often lend only up to the amount of insured production for operating loans, which can leave you short the dollars needed to farm most profitably. 

SECURE by WinField United is: 

  • A single point of financing for all seed, crop protection and fertilizer purchases for WinField United and partner products. 
  • Low-interest-rate financing on a broad array of seed and crop protection products.
  • Up to $500,000 in credit (with an acceptable credit history) just by completing a simple one-page application.
  • Backed by Farm Credit.

Talk to us for more information on this farmer-focused financing option.

Protecting Your Crops and the Environment

We offer a wide range of crop protection products, including herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. We work with all major manufacturers, and we’ll help you take full advantage of their loyalty programs.

We proudly represent superior quality Winfield United products, and we can help you create tank mixes that will deliver the highest efficacy in the most efficient manner. In the end, you’ll get a better result from your applications and more bushels in the bin at the end of the season.

Nutrition to Help Your Crops Reach Their Genetic Potential

We offer a complete line of fertilizers, including macro minerals, micros, and specialty products. 

Our experience with local soils and prescription applications helps you be as efficient as possible with your fertilizer budget, while giving your corn, soybeans and alfalfa what they need to thrive. 

We also carry biologicals, sugars to benefit soil microbial health, and stabilizers for nitrogen and phosphorus applications. We’ll work with you to determine which of the latest products might be a fit for your fields.

Utilize Our Equipment on Your Fields

Rather than making high-dollar purchases of application equipment, ask us about what we have available for your use. We’ve made investments in equipment to better serve our farmer members. For example, we have a high clearance buggy that you can use for in-season fertilizer applications. Our line of equipment includes:

  • Sprayers
  • Spreader trucks
  • Sidedress applicators
  • Buggies
  • Sidedress buggies
  • Liquid tanks
  • Anhydrous (Ossian)

Applications When You Need Them

With a dozen modern sprayers and certified applicators at the wheel, you can rely on Farmers Union Cooperative to deliver for you in the field. 

We adhere to the 4Rs of fertilizer applications – right rate, right source, right placement, right timing. We’ve invested in equipment to make precision applications, and we will continue to upgrade to take advantage of the latest technology and provide better service long-term.

We frequently do split applications of nitrogen, which provides the plant the nutrient when it needs it for better growth. We also turn to subcontractors for aerial applications of nitrogen to maximize yields. 

Lawncare Professionals

Greenlawn is the lawncare division of Farmers Union Cooperative, and the professionals there work closely with our agronomy team. Turn to them for all your lawn care needs.