Cenex Lubricants

Cenex has its own lubricants plant and blends lubricants for many other companies including some farm equipment manufacturers. The quality of their oil is the best in the industry.

Equipment Warranty - New and Used

To back up its high quality fuels and lubricants Cenex has a 10,000 hour 10 year extended warranty program for new and used equipment that utilizes Cenex fuel and lubricants. Please call for details if you are interested.

Bulk Oil Program !!

Purchase your oil in bulk and you will save money and have a cleaner shop. The patrons that have gone to bulk oil would not go back to drums. We have bulk tanks and stands for lease at a reasonable price. Products available include:

Super TMS 15w40
Super TMS 10w30
Auto Gold 5w30
Dextron III
Superlube 30w
Quicklift HTB

We also handle a complete line of other lubricants for all agricultural or commercial needs. If you have any questions,concerns or special needs in the petroleum area please call and we will get in contact with you

Fuel Contracting available - 10 gals or 42000 gals !


Farmers Union Co-op only offers quality Cenex fuels. Our Premium Diesel Fuel is a "D" Grade diesel - the best on the market, and our Clean Gard Gasolines are second to none! You can buy #2 Diesel fuels a couple of cents cheaper, but thats what you get. We have truckers and farmers tell us that they get more horsepower from our fuel than some others they have tried.

To help our customers upgrade their bulk fuel facilities and to make our route deliveries more economical, we have a fuel tank lease program. 1000 or 560 gal tanks are available complete with pump, filter, hose and guage. The lease is for a period of ten years after which time you will own the tank. Please call the office or talk to Randy Huinker or Duane Holthaus about getting setup.

  Tank Lease Program

Tankwagon Deliver
Tank Lease Program
Fuel Contracts
Premium Diesel Fuel Oil
 Pump 24 (Calmar)
24 hr. pumping in Ossian


Calmar Oil

At Calmar Oil we have the same quality fuels at the pump, and we also have available 24 hour pumping. All of your purchases are recorded on one convienient monthly bill. Call Randy Numedahl at Calmar about getting your own Pump 24 Card. Fuel contracts are also available at the pumps in Calmar and Ossian.

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