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Here at Farmers Union we carry a variety of feeds at our Fort Atkinson, Ossian, Postville, and West Union Locations.
We are a Certified Dealer of Purina Animal Nutrition LLC, Kent Feeds and Hubbard.
Each location has a variety of lick tubs, blocks, and bagged feeds.  We carry products to cover your needs anywhere from bird seed & pet food to livestock feeds.  If you are looking for a specific feed or need help finding the right feed, give one of these locations a call.  We are happy to help you find the product you need!
Beef Feed                                         Equine                                               Fish & Aquatics
Dairy                                                  Poultry                                              Wildlife
Swine                                                Rabbit                                                Pet Food
Goat & Sheep                                  Show Feeds                                    Milk Replacers
If it is a custom mixed ration you are looking for, we also have feed mills at our Ossian and West Union locations.  Give either of these locations a call and one of our nutritionists can help get you set up with the right ration.

  • Purina Animal Nutrution LLC.
  • Beef - Wind+Rain Mineral, Steakmaker, Rangeland
  • Dariy - Propel Energy Nugget, Rally, Amplicalf, Heiferstart
  • Swine - Nature's Match, Ultracare
  • Honor Show Chow - Depth Charge, Full Control, Grand 4-T-Fyer
  • Horse - Strategy, Ultium, Omolene, Natures Essesntials
  • Poultry - Layena, Flock Raiser, Start+Grow
  • Fish+Aquatics - Game Fish Chow
  • Wildlife - Antlermax
  • Rabbit - Rabbit Chow

  • Beef - Linebacker
  • Dairy - Define, ACT Calf Starter
  • Swine - Premium Starters
  • Show - Early Bird Show Line
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