West Union
402 S. Vine St.
West Union, IA 52175
Ph: 563-422-3333
Toll Free: 866-303-3333
Feed Manager - Justin Steffens

 Farmers Union Cooperative now owns 100% of the West Union Mill. With this facility we can offer our customers grind & mix services, custom mixing and bagging, pelleting, grain bank and manufacture custom dairy, beef, swine, poultry, sheep and other mixes. We handle feeds from Purina Animal Nutrition and US Feed.


Double Roller Mill
Pellet Mill and Crumbler
 Ribbon Mixer


Feeds (partial Listing)

Liquid Fat
Liquid Molasses
Roasted Beans
Amino Plus
Soy Hulls
Meat & Bone Meal(Pork)
Alcomp Liquid Feed 
Bulk lime and Dical


Pork Production Specialist - Joe Trygstad
Livestock Production Specialist - Lee Johansen
Dairy Production Specialist - Jeff Kennon
Dairy Production Specialist - Ryan Royer DVM
Beef/ Dairy Production Specialist - Justin Steffens
Custom Mixing - bulk, bag, pelleted

Dairy - We can custom mix all of your individual mineral/protein mixes to your specifications or we can balance your diets for you. We have Jeff Kennon as our full time Dairy Consultant along with Ryan Royer, Justin Steffens, and Lee Johansen they are working with herds that range in size from 40 cows to 600 cows. Some of their current herds are among the best producing in the state.

Beef - We have feed programs for dairy beef or feedlot cattle available from Purina Animal Nutrition or U.S. Feeds.  


Swine - We have Joe Trygstad as our Swine Specialist and he is available for any and all of your swine needs including sourcing pigs, expansion, custom feeding and nutritional work.

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