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USDA Cattle on Feed Preview               07/18 10:55

June 1 Cattle on Feed
                      USDA Actual  Average Guess           Range
On Feed July 1                 %         101.8%     100.9-103.2%
Placed in June                 %          97.7%      93.2-105.7%
Marketed in June               %          95.8%      95.8-98.3 %

Cattle on Feed numbers are expected to remain moderately higher 
tham year ago levels with an estimated increase of nearly 2% 
from July 1, 2018. Placement levels in June are expected to post 
moderate reductions, which should ease long-term pressure on 
feedlot supplies through the end of the year. Estimated feedlot 
placement numbers are at 97.7% of year ago levels. The range of 
estimates is extremely wide, leaving limited confidence in pre-
report estimates at this point.
The USDA Cattle on Feed report is scheduled for release at 2 
p.m. CDT on Friday, July 19.

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